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School assemblies at Topa rock!

Our Mission at Topa Topa is to challenge both the
hearts and minds of our students by:

  • Improving our community
  • Focusing on the standards with high expectations
  • Celebrating similarities and differences
  • Realizing their full potential to become life-long learners
  • Exploring technology
  • Studying the arts including music, dance and drama

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Welcome to Topa Topa's homepage web!

Students will be using these pages to blast off into the world around them. This website can be accessed from ANY computer at www.topatopa.name

6th Grade Graduation Lip Dub
The Best Day of My Life

Topa Topa is a place where:
Children love to learn
Teachers love to teach
High expectations are held for all students
A thirst for knowledge is nurtured
A sense of place is cultured